30 Day Story Challenge

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30 Day Reels Challenge


Start showing up on Instagram’s latest feature with confidence and level-up your success.

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Impress your audience, establish your authority, and book clients with ease:

 30 Day Reels Challenge

You want to start attracting your ideal audience on Instagram, but a picture ain't doing the trick anymore. Welcome in Reels.

Let’s get real about Reels

The story behind the challenge 

There’s no way around it...when it comes to marketing your business, video is the way of the future. In the Instagram world, that means Reels.

Whether you have 200 or 200K followers, Reels can expand your audience, build connection, and elicit engagement (aka the foundation of making sales!)

So if you want to grow as a business on Instagram, a sound Reels strategy is an absolute must. 

But don’t worry - you don’t have to figure it out alone!

If you’re like me when I first started on Reels, you’re here because you:

✅ Know that Reels are working for other people, but you’re feeling overburdened by figuring out what to post on top of running your business

✅ Are scratching your head wondering how to apply Reels to your niche

✅ Need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing

✅ Wish you had access to daily prompts for content ideas that have been proven to work for others

✅ Feel totally overwhelmed by figuring out how to even make the dang things 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Using the framework of my tried and true 30 Day Story Challenge, the 30 Day Reels Challenge was created to give you the tools you need to see real results using Instagram’s newest feature. 

I get it!

What you can expect

By the end of the 30 days, you’ll walk away with:

💯 Confidence to consistently show up for your audience

💯 Endless ideas for Reels that will sustain your strategy well into the future

💯 Solid video editing skills to keep your content fresh and engaging

💯 A better chance at the algorithm favouring you in the Explore page (aka the chance to get in front of TONS of potential buyers)

💯 Sales - if you do it right!

What’s waiting for you on the inside 

When you join the 30 Day Reels Challenge, you get so much more than an e-book full of done-for-you content prompts. 

You get:

👉 30 strategic and engaging prompts in a private Instagram page so you can get started right away

👉 30 additional “advanced” prompts inside the e-book that you can use as you get more comfortable

👉 15 Reels tutorials to answer all your questions while you’re in production mode

👉 15 IGTV tutorials and extra tips for Reels success

👉 Access to an accountability group where you can meet fellow creatives who are in the same boat as you

👉 20+ Reels examples per prompt to inspire you to adapt each to your biz.

Yeah buddy!

The overwhelming
social proof 👇

How it works

✅ Hit the link at the bottom and purchase the e-book

✅ Inside the e-book you'll have instructions with how to get accepted into the private Instagram page (with all the goodness)

✅ Optionally, you can message our private Instagram page to get added to an accountability group

✅ You can start anytime. I recommend you start from day 1 and give each prompt a try (rather than picking and choosing)

Grab it below

Step 1: go to "Day 1" prompt

Step 2: See the inspo examples

Step 3: Write down an outline

Step 4: Execute, reflect & repeat

How to start


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