30 Day Instagram Story prompts (Jan 2020 challenge edition)

Wanna know how I doubled my Instagram Story views over 30 days and grew by 1,000 followers in one month?
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It’s thanks to the 30 Day Story prompts.

You know you want to show up on Stories, but you find yourself totally stuck for words.

Are you posting the right kind of content? Will anyone even engage with it? What’s worth ‘story-ing’ and what’s not?

You’re experiencing serious analysis paralysis around what to share with your audience.

And it has you putting it off until tomorrow…or the next day, or the next.  

Sure, social media is an important marketing tool for your business, but it’s just one more to-do on an all-consuming list.  

Sometimes, you’re firing on all cylinders and knocking out content without a worry.

But then, things get crazy again and you’re back to radio silence.

You just can’t find your groove when it comes to social media consistency.  

And without carving out this dedicated time, your results end up sporadic and not all that satisfying. 

While figuring out what to say and when to say it can be tough, it all comes down to confidence. At its core, Instagram Stories is about visibility. As in no-filtered-face-to-camera visibility.

That makes it pretty damn vulnerable.

You can find yourself doubting everything from how you speak, to whether people will pay attention to what you have to say. And that means that you hold yourself back from offering value that would get your followers taking notice.

You’re constantly fixating on your views, likes and followers and second-guessing why you aren’t getting results. (Hint: it’s because you’re playing a numbers game, rather than focusing on the human behind the follower count!) 

And once you’re down that rabbit hole, it can be extra hard to turn off all this mental chatter. 

Included in this e-book is:

- Access to 30 Days of Instagram Story prompts + examples

- Lifetime access to the IG page @30daystorychallenge (with prompts + examples)

Never know WHAT to post on Instagram Stories again! These are highly detailed and optimised for the most engagement! Curated by a professional Instagram strategist (oh hey there!), every prompt has been designed to generate maximum engagement, give awesome value and align with Instagram Story best-practice.

This is for you if:
- You’re a business owner who sees Instagram as the driving force for their online marking in 2020.

- You’ve tried Stories out but you just can’t seem to get past analysis paralysis and into consistent action

- You struggle with consistently carving out time for social media 

- You find yourself putting off Instagram Stories because you just aren’t sure what you should be posting (and whether anyone will care) 

- You want to do your prompts at your own pace (this won’t be an accountability or challenge group)

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